Thermal imaging is the best means of undertaking a non-invasive safety inspection whether it is your property, commercial offices or industrial application. By recording thermal images of the electrical distribution equipment, we can identify and fix potential problems before they happen, and without disruption.

In the same way you would undertake fixed wire testing or fire alarm testing to keep your property and people safe. Thermal imaging surveys work to ensure your electrical infrastructure is in the right condition for continued use.

Should we find any issues, our electricians can propose and apply the necessary solutions. Just as with all the electrical services we offer, we can identify, diagnose and rectify any issue we may detect.

Why choose Go2 Thermal Imaging Surveys?

Our skilled electricians use specialist equipment to take heat-sensitive images of your circuit breakers, control panels, fuse and distribution boards and other key electrical distribution equipment. Using those images, we can assess whether there are any issues which may cause a fire, equipment failure or damage. Crucially, these surveys involve no disruption at all: no noisy work and no bulky equipment.

If something is wrong with a connector or a fuse box, infrared energy will be emitted by the offending element; once our thermal equipment has detected this, we can isolate the problem and identify the cause. That is, we can look through walls and ceilings – and keep you compliant with all the latest safety legislation as a result. Our thermal surveying is also accepted by all insurance companies.

Problems can arise for all sorts of reasons: contamination, age or damage through trauma amongst others. You don’t need to undertake a disruptive, often difficult visual inspection to find out what’s happening out of sight. Our thermal imaging surveys generate reports for your records – and expert solutions, too.

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Our fully qualified electricians have a vast range of experience in the breadth of electrical testing and installations, so you can trust us to be honest, rigorous and compliant. If you’re already scrupulous about regular fixed wire testing and fire alarm testing, then contact us today and add thermal imaging surveys to your schedule.

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